Exhibit at Art Boca Raton


Art Boca Raton welcomes applications from art galleries exhibiting emerging, contemporary and post-war art.  Space at the fair is limited for the upcoming 2019 fair. If you are interested in exhibiting at Art Boca Raton 2019 please contact us at your earliest convenience.

Floor Plan

Exhibition booths

Booth Sizes

200 sq.ft. (18.5 m2)
300 sq.ft. (27.9 m2)
400 sq.ft. (37.2 m2)
500 sq.ft. (46.5 m2)
600 sq.ft. (55.8 m2)
700 sq.ft. (65.0 m2)
800 sq.ft. (74.3 m2)
900 sq.ft. (83.6 m2)
1000 sq.ft. (93.0 m2)


US $10,400
US $15,600
US $20,800
US $26,000
US $31,200
US $36,400
US $41,600
US $46,800
US $52,000

Third Edition of Art Boca Raton

Lee Ann and David Lester of Next Level Fairs announce the fourth edition of the Art Boca Raton Contemporary Art Fair on March 14-18, 2019. Art Boca Raton will be held in a specialty-built exhibition hall in Research Park on the grounds of Florida Atlantic University showcasing; contemporary, modern and emerging art, sculpture, photography, mixed media and installations. The fair will offer a broad range of art to both beginning and seasoned collectors.


Art Boca Raton will encompass carefully selected dealers by a curatorial committee in order to assure dealer quality and exclusivity.


The opening gala preview on March 14, 2019  lead by a prestigious Collectors and Connoisseurs Committee. The fair offers an extended cultural experience by collaborating with the Boca Raton Art Museum that will provide sponsored daily “After Dark” evening events for collectors to enhance their knowledge and appreciation of collecting contemporary art.


The fair pavilion will include a specially built venue exhibition hall, a full-service restaurant, sculpture garden, lecture hall facility and ample parking and valet service to fair attendees.


Lee Ann and David Lester